Daily Archives: February 28, 2008


I just finished the first pass through the copy-edits.

I feel somewhat guilty. It’s really not supposed to be this straightforward. A tiny part of my brain is suggesting that maybe I just wrote a really clear, solid book, but the rest of my brain is jumping on it and screeching at it to shut up, because that’s tantamount to saying “Things can’t possibly get any worse!”

I’m going to get up, walk away for a bit, and then come back to start a second pass. And there are some things I want to check, particularly about capitalization/lowercase issues; I think I may stet about half of them. But overall, um, I’m kind of done.

ETA: It is Very Nice that another tiny bit of my brain just went, “Oh, yay! We can go back to writing the hearthcraft book now!” It’s good to see that somewhere inside, I am still excited about this book.

And Lo, The Copy-Edits Continued…

Slog. Slog.

I appear to have an apologetic copy-editor. “I may be being nit-picky, but this seems unclear” she says of an out-and-out contradiction in a set of instructions. And she’s not doing the false modesty thing; she’s genuinely apologetic. Bless her. I told her not to apologize for finding a mistake, and thanked her.

Back to your regular browsing. Nothing to see here.

(In moments of escaping from the copy-edits, I have been pricing computers. I am surprised and pleased at how little I’m going to have to pay for something that meets my needs, i.e. what the rest of the world considers basic, especially since I have all my peripherals. And that’s including an extended service plan to cover the odd things that happen to my computers every eighteen to twenty-four months or so. Encouraging. I’ve never had a brand-new-everything-at-once system built by someone not me or a friend. This will be interesting.)

Technology Makes Our lives Easier! No, Really!

Good morning, world. This is a brief update to let you know that my computer is imploding and hardware failure is imminent; I just don’t know how imminent. It could be the motherboard, it could be the hard drive, and it could be in the next five minutes, or five weeks from now. (But I’d have to deal with frequent freezing, cold reboots, and crashes over those five weeks, so my patience will likely wear out long, long before then.)

Thank heavens I bought the external hard drive and backed up all my documents, music, and pictures already. I’m backing up my mail (not the current stuff, I already did that; I’m backing up the old, old, old stuff now) and have already backed up my bookmarks. Once that’s done, it can crash and burn; I don’t care. Well, I will care a bit, because it will interrupt my routine and it will cost money. But at least I won’t panic about having lost anything, crucial or otherwise.

Time to start talking to my tech consultants, AKA Blade and ADZO.