Daily Archives: February 25, 2008

So Far

I have worked through three chapters plus one intro of copy-edits, and am still alive.

I still really, really need a break. Except I’m going to lose most of the afternoon to a doctor’s appointment and then going to pick the boy up, so I’m trying to get as much done as possible before I have to stop.

ETA: Four.

ETA: Five. Over halfway done! I really should stop or I’ll run out of energy and be useless for the rest of the day. I should have lunch, distract the mind with a book for a bit, then maybe make some longhand scribbles for the hearthcraft book… and leave the rest for Wednesday.
I really, really wish I could finish this today — it would do my general work-related confidence a lot of good, as well as my anxiety about how to make the hearthcraft book settle down because I’d be able to go right back to it — but I have no idea what I may run into that may require serious rewriting. Handling rewrites and copy-edits involves constantly being on guard or on edge as you scroll to the next page and scan for the red marks, and that’s wearing in its own way. And then if you find a place that demands extensive reworking, that obviously takes a lot of energy to handle. And being newly hyper-sensitive about the amount of energy I have to spend daily, well, I’m trying to play it safe, even though it’s going against my natural inclination to keep pushing to finish it all as soon as possible. Doing that and burning myself out for the next three days does no good at all.