Daily Archives: February 13, 2008

Hearthcraft Book Update

Total word count, hearthcraft book: 35,100
New words today: 1,706

Altars, shrines, oil lamps. Lots of oil lamps. There will be even more on oil lamps, because one of the exercises involves making your own as a spiritual focus. I love them.

I got an extra hour of work in because HRH came home from work early to fight through traffic and poorly ploughed streets to fetch the boy and bring him home so that I wouldn’t have to. Bless him.

Laughing With Liam

In an effort to put myself in a better mood, I will share two amusing exchanges with Liam.

This morning on the way to daycare, while listening to the Muppet CD we have only just remembered that we own:

LIAM: I like the Muppets!

A: Me too.

LIAM: So do I!

And yesterday afternoon, while I was in my office looking for something:


A: [pokes head out of office to look at LIAM in the living room] Liam, was that you?

LIAM: [earnestly] No! Maybe it was… the cats?

And the funny thing is that I went into the kitchen and sure enough it had been the cats, knocking over the child gate we use to screen off their litter box. He hadn’t been trying to redirect me away from something he’d done that he didn’t want me to know about, despite delivering the exact answer that would arouse suspicion.


Bad. Day.

Very, very bad day.

I am fine. The car is fine. No thanks to the two different speeding snowploughs who forced me off the road into snowbanks where the car got stuck instead of slowing down and letting me pull into a driveway, or the jerk in the Hummer right next to me who forced me into the median when his lane merged into mine to get around a stationary city truck with hazards flashing, and who didn’t think that another car occupying the space he needed to occupy was important. (Do I need to say that he didn’t signal?)

And this on top of not being able to get out to the driveway for fifteen minutes because the wheels wouldn’t grip the surface, and being redirected twenty minutes out of my way while trying to drop Liam off this morning. Thanks to having to dig myself out of the second snowbank a plough drove me into and trying to get the car to pull away from the snow-filled median with little effect thanks to the slick surface, I didn’t get back home until eleven-thirty.

It’s not the weather that has driven me into the Spring Now! camp. It’s the unacceptable state of the roads, and the idiots who don’t think about the other people driving when it snows. I’ve had enough of it.

And you know what’s possibly the worst thing about the bad day so far? The fact that it’s only half over. I have to leave again in four hours to get the boy, and then I have orchestra tonight. And the roads won’t be any better, or the drivers any less self-absorbed. Shoot me now, please.