Daily Archives: February 20, 2008

Today’s Riveting News

Last week I made an appointment with the optometrist, thinking that it had been a couple of years since I’d seen him. I thought that the last time I’d had my eyes checked was in 2005. Because I am boring I talk about things like that in this journal, so I searched for “glasses” and found that the last time I’d had them checked was actually in 2004. Except the entry noted that it was a quick re-check to make sure the prescription hadn’t changed before I invested in new lenses for an old pair of frames so that I’d always have a pair with me, at home or away. So I kept searching… and discovered that the last new pair had been in 2002, when my prescription changed.

Evidently, I was overdue for the appointment. Ahem.

Today’s appointment (because I am boring and journal about these things, for posterity and the search I will no doubt make in another three or six years) revealed that I am only “one click worse” in one eye than my current prescription. (The quotes are there to set apart my optometrist’s use of this oh-so-technical term.) He said that according to his notes, my eyes had originally registered as false nearsighted (oh, you lying orbs, you), and over the past three visits had slowly revealed that they were, in fact, marginally farsighted. He said to come back in two years for a general check-up unless something required addressing, that my reading material would slowly move further away from my eyes in order to be read comfortably, and that around forty I’d see a problem that would require a definite change in prescription. (“I just thought I’d tell you so that it didn’t come as a shock,” he said cheerfully. I don’t think he realised how close forty is.)

So hurrah, I don’t need to buy new glasses, but also sigh, because after eight years with one set of frames and four years with the other, I was somewhat open to the idea of a new pair.

And sure enough, just as I expected, because my productive work time is from two-thirty to five, I left at twelve-forty-five and got home at three-thirty, and have gotten nothing done because I haven’t had the time to get into the right headspace. And I have to leave to get the boy in twenty minutes. Argh. Although I did get some research done this morning, as per usual, so I am trying to convince myself that the day wasn’t a complete write-off.