Technology Makes Our lives Easier! No, Really!

Good morning, world. This is a brief update to let you know that my computer is imploding and hardware failure is imminent; I just don’t know how imminent. It could be the motherboard, it could be the hard drive, and it could be in the next five minutes, or five weeks from now. (But I’d have to deal with frequent freezing, cold reboots, and crashes over those five weeks, so my patience will likely wear out long, long before then.)

Thank heavens I bought the external hard drive and backed up all my documents, music, and pictures already. I’m backing up my mail (not the current stuff, I already did that; I’m backing up the old, old, old stuff now) and have already backed up my bookmarks. Once that’s done, it can crash and burn; I don’t care. Well, I will care a bit, because it will interrupt my routine and it will cost money. But at least I won’t panic about having lost anything, crucial or otherwise.

Time to start talking to my tech consultants, AKA Blade and ADZO.

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