Daily Archives: February 22, 2008

Hearthcraft Book Update

Total word count, hearthcraft book: 43,049
New words today: 1,361

More deity stuff. And research to get it because “so-and-so: this culture’s god of hearthfire” does not an adequate base for expansion make.

I’m seeing less and less places that need expansion, though, as I skim the document to find places to work on. This is good but also somewhat unnerving, because as I mentioned earlier, I’m dealing with the whole ‘this feels too vague’ issue. (I must explain! I must explain more! I must — no wait, the editors always gently tell me that I’ve made my point and this now qualifies as redundant, no matter how beautifully it’s written.). There are two chapters that have pretty much nothing in them, however. I think next time I sit down to this I’ll have to go through each chapter carefully to see what’s there, what’s missing, and make note of what needs work so I don’t overdose on overexplanation when I could be, you know, actually putting something in for the first time in another chapter.

Monday, however, will not be that day; the copy-edits for the pregnancy book landed in my in-box today, and are due back a week from Monday. Next week is therefore another rewrite session. The sooner I get that done, the sooner I can get back to working on the hearthcraft book. I scanned the first third of the book and didn’t find much other than standardization of certain things, although there seems to be a gratuitous change in spelling for a deity name; I’ll have to see if there’s an argument for it included somewhere. I’m crossing my fingers that the copy-edits are all that straightforward.