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Concert Reminder: The Two and a Half Weeks Version

Yes, the first concert of the 2007-08 LCO season is nigh!

Circle Saturday the 24th of November on your calendars! At 19h30 in the Valois United Church in Pointe-Claire (70 Belmont Ave., between King and Queen), the Lakeshore Chamber Orchestra will present their fall concert. On the programme for the evening:

Overture in the Italian Style in D – Schubert
Clarinet Concerto No 2, movement #3 – Weber (guest soloist: Eric Abramovitz)
Peer Gynt Suite – Grieg
Valse Triste – Sibelius
Symphony No. 100 ( “Military”) – Haydn

Admission is $10 per person; admission is free for those under 18 years of age. The concerts usually last approximately two hours, including the refreshment break. There are driving directions and public transport info on the church website, linked above. I usually encourage people who are vehicle-less to find someone who has a car and share the cost of the driver’s admission to the concert among them. It’s more fun to enjoy the evening in the company of others, after all.

Reserve the date! Bring friends! See you there!

Impostor Syndrome

Hmm. This is surprisingly prevalent among acquaintances of mine. It may be more common than people theorize. Or maybe everyone has a little bit of this inside them, and it affects people to a greater or lesser degree. Or maybe I just hang out with people who panic a lot, like me.

[…]These were duly vetted, highly successful scholars who nonetheless live in creeping fear of being found out. Exposed. Sent packing.

If that sounds familiar, you may have the impostor syndrome. In psychological terms, that’s a cognitive distortion that prevents a person from internalizing any sense of accomplishment.

“It’s like we have this trick scale,” says Valerie Young, a traveling expert on the syndrome who gave the workshop at Columbia. Here’s how that scale works: Self-doubt and negative feedback weigh heavily on the mind, but praise barely registers. You attribute your failures to a stable, inner core of ineptness. Meanwhile, you discount your successes as accidental or, worse, as just so many confidence jobs. Every positive is a false positive.

Full article: You’re Not Fooling Anyone by John Gravois

(Via Arts & Letters Daily)

Pregnancy Book Subtitle And Release Info

Colleen alerted me to this at the end of last week, and what with all the other web site updates I’ll throw the info out here as well:

The pregnancy book has an official title, subtitle, ISBN(s), and release date. Pagan Pregnancy: A Spiritual Journey from Maiden to Mother (ISBN-10 1598693972, ISBN-13 978-1598693973) is scheduled for an August 2008 release, which means it ships mid- to late-July. It’s listed as available for pre-order at all major on-line bookstores, but please take the time to tell your local independent bookshop that you’d like to order a copy of it. They’ll be more than happy to do so for you.

I’ll post the cover art when it’s finalized.

This Week So Far

Scattered flurries are called for later this afternoon. Not that I want winter to be here any time soon — for some odd reason I’m actually enjoying the seasonal weather at the moment, possibly because the cold, damp, and very windy thing is still novel — but I’m feeling moderately insulted and stood up by the snow fairies. Everyone else has had snow, it seems; where the heck are our first snowflakes? It’s Montreal, for the love of cats. We wrote the book on spastic weather.

Liam and I had a great playdate with Arthur and Curtana yesterday. This was followed by a less than stellar nap for Liam (and none for me at all because I used the first hour of his nap to clean up and check mail, and then suddenly there wasn’t a second hour for me to use), and a good shopping outing where we picked up Ratatouille and the Pixar shorts collection on DVD. I also got doorknob safety covers to keep Liam from getting out of bed once we’ve put him down to sleep, or wandering out in the middle of the night to cheerfully ask his father where his toy trains have gone. He’s also thrown open our (accidentally unlocked) front door and tromped out into the staircase on his own.

I had an insanely productive editing day on Monday: many hours of work with Mousme during the day, where I worked myself into a fried zone, then another couple of very enjoyable hours with Sandman7 and Talyesin in the evening at our inaugural NotNoWriMo meeting, despite a bad headache. (Oh, we are all so very pleased not to be doing the usual November thing; so very, very pleased. We’ve all been there and done that with multiple wins, and now we need to move on.) All in all I edited a third of the book yesterday, and now there are only around seventy pages to go.

Our coven celebrated Samhain with a quiet, good ritual last night, featuring a needfire that burned bright and long enough to make up for the lack of needfires over the past couple of years.

Today’s mail yielded me a free copy of Author 101: Bestselling Book Publicity, sent to me by the publicity department of my publisher. Enclosed was a form letter of publicity tips that began by saying, “Welcome to our company!” I am very amused, as the pregnancy book coming out next fall is my fourth with this publisher.

Today, I read a new book and write a note-form review, as well as write a second note-form review for another book I read a couple of months ago and I need to reacquaint myself with it first. Then Friday, I will expand the point-form reviews into real live reviews and send them off. Today, though, I mainly need to focus on staying upright; I’m exhausted, despite a good night of sleep, and I ache all over. Good thing I bought acetaminophen yesterday. I will not be sick, damn it. I’ve had a dry cough over the past week that I am certain is directly connected to turning the heaters on, but the aching? Not a good sign.