Daily Archives: November 3, 2007


Now that I’ve made sure the news has been appropriately posted elsewhere…


To be specific…. NEW GODSDAUGHTER!!!!!

We are so happy for the Preston-LeBlancs. We spent the day scurrying around collecting things for them, because we of all people know what having a premature baby is like. Not that anyone else doesn’t… just that, well, we’ve been there in a way most people haven’t. And we were honoured to have been called for help last night. It’s wonderful to share good news; it’s harder to call and ask someone for help. We know what that’s like, too.

And while HRH was off helping in one way, I was pulling off one of the strongest magical workings I’ve done in a while. Wow.

It’s great to hear of everyone scrambling to do the food assembly thing — we did it today, too. I love how our chosen family pulls together when one of our own is in need. “It makes us all weepy,” Jteethy said to me on the phone today. I know exactly what he means.

We toasted the newly expanded family at dinner tonight, and Liam eagerly volunteered his milk cup to clink against our glasses of Jackson Triggs Proprietor’s Reserve red. He knows there is a baby, but she is much less important at the moment than his beloved Devon. Once he’s seen the baby things will be different, I’m sure; she will be real to him then in a way that she isn’t just yet.

And now, the rest of that wine calls me, as do some freshly baked cookies. Good night.