Daily Archives: November 2, 2007


Wow! Editing Goddess Moi strikes again. The zipped-and-yet-still-humongous file is currently uploading, my editorial memo is just waiting for the upload to be done so I can attach it to an e-mail saying as much to the recipient…

I shall have a cookie for this. Or a cupcake, anyway.

Every time I do an edit I think, Oh, I could have done better. What I always forget to add is if I’d had more time. And I really should stop thinking that way, because I did my best in the time allotted, and the product is improved. Sure, I have have missed a word that ought to have been capitalized, or a comma somewhere, but all in all, I did some good. And to be honest, I edited this at one and a half times my usual speed. Still, there’s that fretting and minor anxiety when I send something off. Is it okay? Did I screw it up? Did I misunderstand it completely and make it worse, somehow? (Answers: Yes, no, of course not.)

And as a note to myself: A deadline of noon means you have to factor in the uploading time, too. Duh.

I wonder who I should send my invoice to. Hmm. Although I’m going to wait till tonight to do that, as I’ve said I’d take another look at it after someone does the rewrites, if they’d like.