Daily Archives: November 21, 2007

Hearthcraft Book Update

Total word count, hearthcraft book: 5,039
New words today: 1,682

Oh, I was so, so very bored today. Not with my book in particular, just with everything in general. I couldn’t settle down to anything. I’m thankful I got at least this much done.

Some chapters are looking suspiciously unwieldy already, and they’re only in point form. Thus the reorganization and refocusing of chapters looms close on the horizon, only a week into the project. Better now than later.

Knick-Knack, As Summarized By a Two and a Half Year Old

In the bath last night, Liam picked up the plastic snowman bottle that is one of his found toys.

BOY: This is the snowman.

A: Yes.

BOY: He needs a hammer.

A: What?

BOY: Like in the movie. Then he falls in the fish tank. And there’s a lady in it. Like Ariel.

Yes, he watched The Pixar Short Film Collection Vol. 1 collection. Can you tell?