Daily Archives: November 13, 2007


Wow; rereading my monthly Liam round-up, it must seem as if all we do is watch TV and movies with him. We don’t, of course. It’s just that they leave such an impression on him that they’re what he talks about and re-enacts and incorporates into his play.

It’s getting harder and harder to write these monthly posts. I have an ongoing draft in which I note things down all month, but when it comes time to actually expand them and link everything together in some sort of semi-coherent order, it takes longer and longer. I may start evolving them into a slightly different format. I have no idea what just yet, but something different, to save sanity and time.

I finished editing my 2002 YA novel at a writing jam last night. Next on the list of things to do: write up a precis, chapter summaries, a hook, craft a query letter and sort through all the agents I’ve bookmarked. You know, in between all the parenting and writing the other, actually contracted, book.

I’m so tired, though, that I think I’ll take a short nap then settle down with some hearthcraft research books before I have to go pick the boy up. He woke himself up coughing at 5:15 this morning, and as I hadn’t been able to get to sleep till midnight-thirty, my eyes are now rather dry and red and my brain is pretty fried.