Daily Archives: August 16, 2007

Made Of Awesome

Three sheets edited today, one more than my average on this project. I am mighty mighty, especially since there was a toddler careening around and plastering himself against the French door to my office, pressing his face against the glass and squealing “MaMAAAAAA!” at irregular intervals. One of the interruptions was to give me a daisy he’d pulled out of our garden, complete with huge smile on his face, before dashing back outside with his father.

So yes, I am made of awesome. I think my back isn’t talking to me, though. On the other hand, I am sinking back into the swing of this script instead of fighting against it; it’s a momentum thing. While this is good in one respect, in another I fear I am losing brain cells.

Keeping me company music-wise today were The Cowboy Junkies (Miles From Our Home), James Ehnes (Bach’s Solo Sonatas & Partitas for violin), and Jaqueline du Pre (the Dvorak cello concerto). I picked up Tori Amos’ American Doll Posse when it was released this spring and it didn’t grab me. But I had it running in the background while I worked after dinner, and I’m warming up to it. It will never approach my love of The Beekeeper or Little Earthquakes or Under the Pink, but it may end up hovering somewhere around my feeling for To Venus and Back.

Help Me…

Shelfari is consuming me alive.

Last night was a bad, bad time to follow a link sent to me, to a wonderfully engrossing site that networks people via the books on their shelves and helps you look at what other people like to read in order to help you find new stuff. It wouldn’t be so bad if the Flash bits didn’t take so long to load, and if there was a straightforward way to search for one’s edition while adding one’s titles to one’s list. (At least, I think they’re Flash; it may be a simple Java application. Whatever. It takes too long.)

Or maybe it’s just that I have too many books. Or that I’m work-avoiding.

Break’s over.