Daily Archives: August 2, 2007


1. Most important today for locals and those nearby: Stay cool. It’s going up to 35 C before the humidex is applied. Move slowly, drink lots, do not tax yourselves. Be good.

2. Minneapolis: This is the nightmare scenario I struggle with every single time we drive over the Mercier bridge.

3. Yesterday was One Of Those Days. Slept dreadfully again. Woke up nauseous, couldn’t eat. HRH’s paycheque hadn’t been ready the day before so yesterday he had to go out to the West Island to pick it up and deposit it, and since I had to go to the bank too we all went together. What should have been a relaxed morning ended up being tense and much longer than it ought to have been. I cut out two of my errands. We came home for Liam’s lunch and nap, and I lay down too. When we all got up I was determined to try again because I wanted our first family day together in ages to have better memories, so the three of us headed out to the music store to drop off the fretless bass for its tuneup. Everything went well, and we even got to stop into the local mum/baby centre to inquire about the fall session of Kindermusik. Then we went for ice cream, and wow, was that ever a mistake; HRH and I were very ill later that evening. But the actual consumption of ice cream in the park was nice, and so was stopping by the local nursery to pick up some flats of flowers to replace the ones that got burned in our front balcony boxes, as well as some lilies for the side garden. I didn’t eat much dinner (stupid ice cream) and spent the evening in bed finishing the last half of Author, Author (David Lodge, how I love thee), writing longhand in my notebook, and playing Solitaire.