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The P&P 2005 film is brilliantly snarked scene by scene by Redcoast over at the Recapitulate LJ community. (Better late than never; this dates back from 2006.)

Pride Ampersand Prejudice part 1
Pride Ampersand Prejudice part 2
Pride Ampersand Prejudice part 3

[…]Three miles leaves a lot of space between the two houses, and it’s just good luck that they chose the same route and didn’t miss each other. Was Darcy planning to walk all the way to Keira’s house, even though he has horses, and knock on the door, and be, like, “Hey, is Keira home?” Because they’d be, like, “Nah, she had a fit and we think she’s ran off. By the way, your aunt is an asshole,” while staring curiously at his state of undress. And then Keira will knock on Netherfield’s front door, and the butler will be, like, “No, Mr. Darcy’s up and disappeared. Nice nightgown, miss. You single?” Embarrassment for both. Besides, if Keira were home, then what kind of impression is Mr. Darcy leaving her family with? I love you so much I proposed to you while only three-quarters dressed? That’s like proposing while wearing sweat pants. […]