Daily Archives: August 30, 2007


Finished, finished, finished! The file has been sent back. I invoice for the month’s work tomorrow.

I’m slightly dazed: the summer appears to be over. I saw children in uniform waiting on street corners for buses with new backpacks and lunchbags on our way out to drop the boy off the morning. It’s Labour Day this weekend. I missed the general energy of gearing up for school somehow, did not pick up on the subtle desire for new pens and binders and schoolbags that I usually develop ’round this time of year.

I have a cold. All three of us seemed to develop it roughly simultaneously. I seem to be the worst off, with what feels like a golf ball stuck in my soft palate, blocked ears, and a rapidly degenerating throat. HRH burned through it yesterday as per usual; the boy seems to have a bit of a runny nose and that’s it.

I have half an hour or so before it’s time to go pick up the boy. I think I’ll crack open New Amsterdam.