Daily Archives: August 20, 2007

Dinner Tonight…

… was the best ratatouille ever.

The secret is to be willing to grate most of a seven-dollar block of fresh Parmesan, and make sure you put a decent amount between every layer. Also make sure every vegetable you use to make it was in the ground/on the vine three days ago at the most.

Between us, HRH and I ate the entire thing. I was expecting to put half of it away for lunches this week. Liam helped us by eating a mushroom or two, a bit of sweet pepper, and some aubergine that I told him was another kind of mushroom, ferried to his mouth with forkfuls of rice.

Evidently I will have to make more. Good thing I have extras of all the ingredients, and it’s dead simple to make.

A Lovely Way to Begin the Week

I have just discovered that all three of my books have gone into second printings at some point or another.

I knew that the Wicca book had a second printing six months after it was published. I expected the spellcraft book to reprint at some point because it sells well, but I had no idea when it might because it had the largest print run of the three. The green witch book had the smallest print run as it was a more specialized title, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting it to reprint for a while.

Well, today I got the total sales-to-date figures for all three of them, and as sales of the spellcraft and green witch books outnumber the size of the original print runs, they must perforce have reprinted. In fact, all of them seem to have sold an average of one and a half times their original print run so far. That’s within two years for the spellcraft and Wicca books, and within one year for the green witch book.

I have a backlist that sells, and sells steadily! I am doing the bookgeek dance of joy!