Daily Archives: March 9, 2007

TMOBP Update

1,507 new words today. Onward, onward; chipping away at the plot. Maybe four or five chapters left, now.

I feel rushed, because I’m going out tonight and the next two hours are going to be squished full of fetching boy and cooking/eating dinner and getting ready to go. I hate feeling rushed.

Also, whatever’s chewing away at my back can take a hike.


Liam woke up at 5:20 this morning, which means I have now been up for six hours. I’m stiff and creaky and nothing’s flowing. He’s woken up crying at odd times every couple of days this week; I wonder if the molars are doing sneaky secret molar-stuff under the gums.

And this morning I bid a sad farewell to Knick-Knack, the best cat with whom I ever worked. May there be plenty of BBQ Ringolos for you to mooch in the Summerlands.