Daily Archives: March 23, 2007

Satisfied, And Yet Not

I’ve just finished plugging all my 2006 expenses and income into a spreadsheet, so I’m all set to have my taxes done. I may even get money back. Of course, since Revenue Quebec sent me yet another revision last week (this one for 2003) there’s no guarantee that if I end up with an amount due to me, they won’t tell me to give it back to them at a future date.

I would feel a lot better about it all if I hadn’t just opened the latest Hydro bill and seen that they’re asking me to pay over seven hundred dollars for our November/December consumption. And January/February will be worse, of course. (We are no longer on the equalised payment plan thanks to me missing a payment last fall, and being late on the next one. Thank you so very much for being understanding, Hydro.)

That’s all right: I have been told there will be ice cream on the way to pick Liam up this afternoon. The first soft-serve of the season makes everything better.