Daily Archives: March 14, 2007


Yes, the jacket looks fabulous, and the only way I could possibly like it more is if the back was just a tad more tailored just below the shoulder blades. It’s nice to have something pretty and new because I have been feeling remarkably unpretty for a few months now.

So far it has been a week of mailbox joy, because in yesterday’s post a box of discounted books arrived. Lots of YA short fic, including a copy of the collection known as Swan Sister, which has nothing to do with my work in progress. The titular story was so moving that it made me cry, but then, apart from being well-written it was about a little baby who doesn’t live very long, and I’m hypersensitive to fragile little things in hospital incubators. Also in the box was the copy of Starhawk’s The Earth Path which I’ve been meaning to get since it came out (thanks for the reminder, Fearsclave) and Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier which I read most of before bed last night (it’s that good, as I expected it to be, and now I have to order the second one quickly). And for the boy there was Kitten’s First Full Moon, a book which I saw before he was born and wanted to get for him, but found the published price a little steep. I wanted to wait for the paperback but there’s still no sign of one despite the fact that it’s a Caldecott winner, so when I saw it listed on my favourite discount site I ordered it for him. He loves it, and has brought it to HRH and I to read a dozen times since yesterday afternoon. I’m glad it’s a hit.

I’m also reading Murder Must Advertise, and why has no one ever handed me one of Dorothy Sayers’ books before? I adore her writing style, and the mystery part is nicely buried in character interaction without being ignored or poorly constructed. I’ve added her to my list of authors to look for when I am in secondhand shops, which is all too infequent. (GingerGirl recommended a couple of her titles to get me started lo these many years ago, but alas, I never found them when I remembered to look. Why is it so hard to find classic mysteries, new or used? And I miss you, Ginger, wherever you are.)

I’ve been struggling with a headache off and on these past couple of days. I’m hoping it’s the change in weather.

I can feel a ruthless purge of accumulated Stuff coming on. I have no idea when it could be done, however.

Right. To work.