Daily Archives: March 15, 2007

Because Today Is All About One Step Forward, Many Steps Back

I nailed the damn bouree last night. Twice, in fact. Then I blundered in the hornpipe, which is attacca directly after it. Sigh.

Most of my Haydn is better. The trouble passages aren’t as troublesome, except when they are. (No, there’s actually meaning to that. I’ve improved to the point that the really hardest bits sound worse because everything around them isn’t a complete disaster.) And if I could just get past the damn mental block about playing A flats things would be very much better.

This has been a very trying day so far. The boy is off the rails, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and things just keep going wrong (the cats weren’t fed before HRH came to bed last night so they woke Liam and I up early, Liam didn’t want breakfast, he was dressed and put in the car without having a diaper change before we left so we had to turn around and come back, and so forth). I got to deposit my latest cheque from the publisher (and yay for that), but the grocery store was crowded beyond belief. Also, that grocery store has taken to locking the gate that allows wheelchairs and strollers through, because people were walking out with carts. This left another woman with a stroller and I standing outside in frustration. We flagged down a store employee as he left and he told us to go ask at the front desk. “We can’t get in to do that,” I said, “because we can’t leave our children out here.” He went back inside to fetch someone with a key, looking mildly annoyed because it wasn’t his job. Time to rethink the brilliant client-defeating strategy, people. If it had taken any longer I would have turned around and gone to another store, one that I know I can get into with a stroller, except I couldn’t face the thought of wrestling the boy in/out/into the car again.

It took the boy forty-five minutes to fall asleep for this afternoon’s nap. I’m ready to… I don’t know what I’m ready to do. I should try to squeeze work into the next hour, but I think I may practice instead, except that will frustrate me too. I wish I could just play something pretty without working at it. My computer refuses to recognise any blank CD I put into it to record a practice CD to listen to in the car, so that project I’ve been working on for the past hour is on hold too. It’s just that kind of day, you know? Nibbled to death by ducks.