Daily Archives: March 1, 2007


This sounds like all I can handle right around now. I’ve been violently ill for the past 24 hours. (Thank the gods I got home from orchestra before it got really bad. It’s been terribly lovely, really; I haven’t been this ill in almost two years. Liam, poor boy, has just begun his own gastro. I’m grateful that mine’s now over, otherwise trying to deal with a toddler being ill while trying to not be ill oneself — no fun.)

Memeage courtesy of Talyesin:

Fun writers’ meme: Post the first line from five works in progress.

I am shocked to discover that I only have four works in progress at the moment, Others have been finished, handed in, submitted, closed, etcetera.

1. The swan reached the end of the pond, turned, and began sailing back.Swan Sister, of course. Although this is a prologue written to help situate me-the-author, which I’m not sure is going to actually be included in the book or not. If not, then the first line of the first chapter is, When Annah turned sixteen, her father gave her a beautiful palfrey mare.

2. What makes a great novel?The Poppy book, sometimes known as The Great Canadian Novel.

3. “They found another girl in the scaffetta last night after curfew,” said Guilia, skipping into the dormitory room.Il Maestro e le Figlie di Coro.

4. There.The Moments of Being Pandora.

Wow. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing so much non-fic in the past three years, articles, books, reviews and the like. But only four?