Daily Archives: April 10, 2006


I have a new printer!

We loves it, we does. It’s so quiet, for one thing, and for another it’s small enough that it fits on my desk. And it’s a document printer/photo printer/scanner, the first printer we’ve had that can handle photos, so we’ll be trying that out in the next day or so. It would be nice to actually have hard copies of all or even some of the digital photos we’ve taken of Liam in the last ten months. The only ones we have are the ones we had printed for the baby shower last July, and one or two on the fridge from my inlaws.

Apart from the suspicious ease with which the new printer unpacked and loaded and connected to the computer, today was an okay day. I filed legal documents with the Palais de Justice this afternoon with no trouble –or so it seems, which also makes me suspicious — and no, nothing bad-legal, this is friends-getting-married stuff. Then we tried to go shopping for a frame for a photo we’re sending to my grandmother for her birthday, but HRH wanted to get an 8×10 frame and enlarge the photo, whereas I’d planned to do the 5×7 thing, and this got me very tense and snappy for some reason. We ended up going home, dropping HRH and baby off, and I went out alone to finish up the shopping. After a frustrating half-hour looking for a frame in a different shop and doing some other shopping I was still annoyed, until I walked past HMV and heard someone playing the GnR Greatest Hits album. I broke into a completely disproportionate grin as I passed. Go figure.

Then Liam did art again for various birthday cards, and while we’d had the foresight to take off his shirt and pants, we ended up having to dunk him in the bath to wash all the paint off his face and arms. It was amusing.

And I still can’t get over how easily that printer installed.