Daily Archives: April 20, 2006

A New Way To Define ‘Graphic Novel’

Penguin Gives Classics an Alt.Comics Makeover

When [Chris] Ware’s artwork [for Candide], with its whimsical comic-strip rendition of the opening scenes and hand-lettered jacket copy, hit Buckley’s desk, he was almost afraid to show it to his colleagues. But they loved it so much that he decided to do an entire series with other cartoonists and independent comics artists having a go at a Penguin Classic.

Full story here at GalleyCat. They’ve even got Seth doing the cover to the Portable Dorothy Parker.

A Writing Truth

There are no rules; there is only what works.

~ Matociquala hits it dead on yet again.

(And also thought-provokes here with the discussion topic, “Words are a tool for injecting the story into the reader’s brain.” In the comments she says, “The art of writing fiction is the art of seducing the reader into generating a story that the reader finds satisfying.” A comment like that can make you look at the craft in a totally different way.)