Daily Archives: April 7, 2006


I am still mystified as to where my current writing notebook went. Normally I assume things that are missing have been taken to Kitty Wonderland, but it’s always possible that the fairies got it.

Liam’s having a spontaneous day with Grandma, so I get to practice this afternoon. I pretty much memorised one song last night, and now I want to hack away at the second, which involves memorising that dratted Instrumental Bit Formerly Known As The Cello Solo. I want to lock in a decent fingering for it too, because even though the new A string sounds better than the old one, the boom mic I’m now using to support the pickup reproduces the A’s natural brightness a bit too well. I can rework the fingering to avoid the open A string entirely in the IBFKATCS, but this is absolutely the last time I can do it, otherwise I won’t remember the patterns correctly.