Daily Archives: April 23, 2006

Standing Room Only

I don’t know how many people ended up attending last night’s show. I do know that more chairs had to be brought in, and it ended up being standing room only.

I find it interesting that when I woke up this morning I was thinking, “Wow, what a great concert I attended last night” as opposed to, “Oh yeah, I played a gig.” That’s what happens when you open for a kick-ass band like Invisible. They wipe all memory of your own set away. Not that I needed much help in that area; I remember the first three songs of our set really clearly (excellent! fast! precise! fun!), and then everything goes mysteriously missing until the dismantling of the set and unplugging of the instruments. Which is probably good for me, because I know there were things that went wrong for me, and if I can’t remember them then I can’t get upset about them. Oddly enough, I clearly remember thinking that things were slipping away from me during the Boom Desjardins song, and just letting it go and not stressing because there wasn’t anything I could do. But I don’t remember the actual music in the middle or latter part of the set, other than Moon Over Bourbon Street. (I can’t even blame it on alcohol, because I had only three sips of my whiskey sour post-performance before having to stop, because my stomach and head started doing odd things as a result of the sound and the crowds. Of course, we were sitting right in front between the speakers for Invisible’s double-length set, and I did dance rather hard for a bit, so that may have contributed to the odd nausea.) I had fun during our set too, though. I’d’ve had more if that song hadn’t gotten away from me, but we enjoyed ourselves. And there’s plenty of proof that the audience doesn’t know when things go wrong. It’s just because we know the songs we’re doing so well that when we make a mistake it stands out with flashing neon lights and sirens to us. I’d like to do some simpler songs that allow us to have fun and be relaxed as well. Our covers tend to be of complicated stuff that sounds brilliant but that requires a lot of concentration. Having fun and being relaxed is a good goal to strive for, I think.

We thoroughly enjoyed Invisible’s set, from the Johnny Cash through the originals. I’m so glad this gig was recorded. (And no, it won’t be available for public consumption; it’s a learning tool for the bands.) We sang, we danced, we cheered!

Unfortunately when I got home I couldn’t fall into a deep sleep despite how tired I was; I kept skipping the surface and waking up. And then Liam woke up at five o’clock, so I had a total of something like three hours of sleep. And the baby’s out of sorts today as well; no sign of teeth yet. Argh.

We’re trying the crock pot we got for Christmas for the first time today. Pot roast: just the thing for a dark rainy spring day.