Daily Archives: April 18, 2006


The feeds pick up the reposting of all my old journal entries, which I’ve just started to do.

There’s got to be a way to suppress feeds. I’ll just have to wade through piles of forums posts and support documentation to find it, though. So I’ll stop adding old entries for the moment.


In the meantime, those of you who read via a feed will just have to pay attention to the date stamp on each “new” entry.

You know, this started out as such a good day, and has grown steadily less good. Gnash.

There Is No Fast

Three hundred and sixty five days ago, Mousme picked up a pair of drumsticks for the very first time. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So, happy anniversary to the Rocking Thing! And to the rest of the band as well, for committing music together for the first time one year ago.


This is just a reminder to local friends that on the evening of Saturday April 22, Random Colour and Invisible take the stage once again to present an evening of very eclectic music played by the enthusiastic (and surprisingly talented!) amateurs.

Random Colour will present a programme of eclectic covers, followed by a short break, and then Invisible will present a longer programme of covers and originals. It’s all a lot of fun, and we’d like to share that fun with you. There is no official cover charge for the evening; the bands pay for the rental of the Paradoxe ourselves in order to host this private evening of musical mayhem for our friends. However, the donation jar we set out last time to help cover the cost of renting the space for the night was so successful that we’ll almost certainly be doing it again. It’s not a club with a bar, so if you want something to eat or drink, alcoholic or not, bring it yourself. There’s a fridge available too.

Doors open at 20:00; no one will be admitted before that time, as the bands have sound checks and warmups to handle. Random Colour will take the stage at 20:30 and the fun will begin!

If you’d like directions or more info, send me an email.

See you there!

Home Again

We’re back! We had a lovely weekend, but the drive is just so incredibly draining for all three of us. Liam’s not a fan of it either, particularly since he’s teething again. The poor kid has his first real teething rash on his cheeks.

When we got home the place felt so wonderful. (Thanks for taking care of it, Tal!) Liam ran around (well, his version of it) and touched everything, toys and furniture and walls; you could just see him saying, “This is mine! This is mine too! This is all my stuff!” Maggie and Nix came right up to him and rubbed against him or let him pet them oh so gently, and he was thrilled to see them, because my parents’ cats are more of the “I’ll sit over here and watch you from a safe distance” or “I’m hiding under the bed till you’re gone” types. And after a moderately belated dinner and a bath, he went right to sleep and slept through till quarter to seven this morning, thank goodness; we were worried that he’d wake up every couple of hours. But he didn’t, and he’s in a wonderful mood today.

We came home with more chocolate than I know what to do with. Well, I do know what to do with it: put it in my sweets tin in my office where it will lurk, waiting for the time when I need it. And it’s all really good chocolate too. Liam got clothes in his Easter basket, although there is one chocolate bunny I will have to eat for him that was presented to him by a fan.

I’m so impressed by how Liam ate while we were away. For dinners, he pretty much shared what we were eating. For example, that first night he had osso bucco and polenta with us, and Sunday night he shared our Easter dinner of roast beef, roasted carrots and potatoes with gravy, plus his own personal hors d’oeuvre of apples and squash sprinkled with cinnamon. He’s discovered the joys of couscous as well. (He did not, however, share the brownies, or the pie, or the chocolate macadamia nut cookies. He did share his grandparents’ Cheerios and a couple of slivers of my fresh strawberries, though.)

We have wonderful pictures of Liam at the farm, and at the warplane heritage museum too. I’ll post them at some point when I have time. This week is already two days gone, and the schedule for the next six days is already set.