Daily Archives: March 30, 2004


The four-word review:

They got it right.

Yeah, sure, they took a few liberties with the stories in order to make a unified two-hour plot, but they got it right.

The characterisation, the art direction, the cinematography, the music (who the heck is Marco Beltrami anyway?), the pacing, the editing…

I find myself flipping through the calendar to figure out how many days I have to wait before the film premieres in general release so I can see it again.

A colleague sitting next to me at the advance screening said at the end that it wasn’t as good as X-Men, but I disagree. This is the most realistic superhero-type-genre film I’ve seen, with a better script. But they’re apples and oranges, really. This is, well, dark comedy/occult/action. I’m a fan of dark comedy and the occult, and hey, well-done action’s all right too, if it has a purpose.

It was a geek reunion at the advance screening too, with a significant portion of old clientele from the four-years-defunct F/SF bookshop at which I used to work in attendance.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, what with speaking with my author of the Pacific coast and confirming a major amount of the revisions in the first half of the manuscript, beautiful weather, seeing my goddaughter, taking my husband out to dinner, seeing a fantastic film, and having coffee with friends afterwards. I haven’t felt so good in ages. And of course, none of this would have been possible without Debra, who gave us the movie pass! You made my day, and quite possibly my week. Maybe even my month.