Daily Archives: March 8, 2004

Witchy Stuff

Woke up this morning with a chest cold, most likely courtesy of my original coven-sister, with whom I teach and hang out as well. Sigh. There’s just no limit to her generosity.

Met with our new group yesterday, and initiated a round of feedback on the healing ritual that had been done last meeting. “We made our high priestess cry!” was the first triumphant comment. And yes, they did. They were good tears that welled up and flowed right at the beginning of the rit, as they pulled off a good solid circle and excellent quarter invocations. It was just so strange to hear it done by other voices. It was like a gift. And speaking of gifts, HRH was presented with a pack of variously-coloured stars to affix to lessons and assignments, as one of his common sayings as he teaches is, “Very good – you get another gold star!” It was a riot.

Happy 25th to Elim a month late; we hope you enjoyed your “quarter”-century ritual last night!

More witchy stuff:

Witches’ Weekly question February 29, 2004: Incense

What incense flavor do you use the most?

You are making me to choose? La!

Honestly, it’s probably a tie between my home-made kyphi resin mix, amber cones, and the Shoyeido Diamond sticks.

What incense type do you use the most? (cone, resin, stick, etc)

Stick, for convenience. I only use cones in the bedroom because the censer is tidier (and less likely to be scattered by cats). I use powder and resin on my altar, and sticks everywhere else. If the questions was which form I prefer, it’s resin, hands down. It’s a much purer scent, and the energy is spectacular. The only downside is the charcoal, even though I snap my tablets in half.

What do you use incense for the most?

To release a certain energy into my space. It also relaxes me, which is a nice bonus. There’s often incense going on my altar while I work and research at home, which serves the double duty of honouring deity and energising the space.

Yet another ritual tonight, a very special one. (Okay, they’re all special, but this one is special today, all right?)

I’m off to rub eucalytus oil on my chest and drink yet more juice. I foresee an afternoon of bed rest, wrapped in a blanket.