Daily Archives: March 11, 2004

Impatience of the Virtuous

The cold proceeds apace, oh joy; I’m at the hacking cough stage now. I made myself take a walk in the spring sun yesterday and stopped in at the Co-op Vert to pick up organic ginger tea and a hazelnut bread, which is so incredibly delicious that it doesn’t need butter. It has whole hazelnuts in it, and it’s made with fine whole-wheat flour and molasses. Mmm.

Rehearsal last night was absolutely disastrous. It was the diametrical opposite of the previous practice: stumbling, wincing, and amateur. On top of it all, that guy who never shuts up kept talking behind me. I thought I would strangle him. The only thing that got me through the night was knowing that when I got home, I would have chocolate ice cream and watch Angel. Except when I got home, there were two episodes of Smallville back to back, and no Angel in sight.

I went to bed and sulked.

Tonight I teach the second half of my spellcasting class. It’s certainly different this time around: I’m teaching two good Catholic girls who are interested in learning how to use magic within a Christian context. It’s quite a relief to speak in the terms of one religion while doing this class instead of saying “however you perceive the Divine” all the time. It’s also so nice to hear people say that they believe this power comes from God, and they seek to use it in a positive context. I always enjoy this class, and to be able to teach it without fielding odd questions is a lovely bonus.

I hate being sick.