Daily Archives: March 2, 2004

Rough Seas Ahead?

Oh, dear. Oh very, very dear.

Mad, Mad House

When the proposal for this show came up last year I’d hoped it would die a quick death. Alas, it is not to be; the first episode airs this Thursday in both the US and Canada.

Kerr Cuhulain of the Officers of Avalon has issued a press release with his position which you can read here.

I tentatively agree. People already tend to give me sideways looks if they learn that I’m Pagan, let alone Wiccan. A show that emphasises the freak aspect will do not much for the seriousness with which I present my spiritual path. It’s my business, yes. But I’m really tired of the media pushing the weirdness aspect. It’s nature-based, and encompasses reverence and tolerance for pretty much everything. It emphasises self-improvement and healing.

I am rendered speechless at the publicity stunt that author and witch Fiona Horne seems to be pulling with her appearance in this show. But then — selling stuff is what publicity is about, isn’t it. It rarely has to do with truth. Granted, I haven’t seen it (and I still haven’t decided if I’ll watch the first episode or not: do I evaluate the damage, or do I boycott?), but the material I’ve read on it over the past year has done nothing to calm my dread and suspicion.