Daily Archives: March 15, 2004

Human Again

After waking up with a low-grade fever yesterday morning and exhibiting even lower energy than I’d had all week, HRH forbade me to go out for my Sunday afternoon class and ordered me back to bed. I slept until we had to leave for our scheduled dinner with my in-laws, where I sat zoning out in the rocking chair with a quilt over my legs. Matching socks after a load of laundry was pretty much all I could manage to do. Bless them, they fed me and lit candles in the living room and understood.

When we got home I caught the sixth end of the Brier final, assumed all was lost, and took a bath. I emerged just in time to see the tenth end, where Dacey stuck it to Ferby after something apparently miraculous happened in the three ends I’d missed. That final end was sweet and more than made up for last year’s disappointment. I cried.

So today I actually feel human once more, thank goodness. After a week of not being able to do much more than sit staring at a box of Kleenex (a heartfelt apology to all my students, but I honestly don’t remember teaching the two classes I did last week), I’ve touched base with my publisher, and I foresee a huge push forward on the Brighid book today.

And… I’m hungry. Glory be, I’m actually hungry. I’m so sick of tea and juice and water and toast that I might do something reckless today like have a piece of chocolate. Or a soda. I think my taste buds are back in the game.