Daily Archives: March 3, 2004


Everyone seen the first Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer? Yes?

The Wanted poster with a maniacal Sirius Black is pretty disturbing (ergo cool). I downloaded a still of it the other day for my desktop, and when I enlarged it I discovered something very interesting:

Yep. Those are Elder Futhark runes at the beginning of his serial number. Specifically Pertho (which means secrecy, hidden ancestral knowledge, and the mystery of fate), followed by Algiz (associated with protection and sanctuary).

I love my life. Possessing the knowledge that I do means that I can make the coolest connections.

News About Real Art

NAGANO TO LEAD MONTREAL SYMPHONY — Kent Nagano will succeed Charles Dutoit at the orchestra

American conductor Kent Nagano has been named the next music director of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.

The announcement of Nagano’s appointment ends a nearly two-year search that began with the controversial resignation of his successor, Charles Dutoit. Nagano made a splash with the orchestra during guest appearances last season.

Nagano will step down from his post at Berlin’s Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester, where he has become a popular part of the city’s musical establishment. He is also music director of the Los Angeles Opera and will take over from Zubin Mehta as music director of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich in 2006.

The OSM has been without a conductor for a couple of years now, and Nagano won’t be taking over until 2006. For the National Post article, click here.