Daily Archives: January 7, 2010


It’s definitely gastro. Day four of no fun. I’m back on a liquid diet, as the pasta I tried last night made my system very unhappy. Apple juice and tea, hurrah. Beef broth for lunch.

I had to frog two inches of Mum’s scarf last night because I lost a stitch somewhere, and I couldn’t tink back clearly (stupid splitty thick and thin silk, who spun this yarn? … oh right, I did) so out came the circular needle and two inches of work were ripped out, because of course I hadn’t moved my lifeline recently. Grr.

And then I picked up the boy’s scarf to work on, because I needed HRH to hold Mum’s scarf by the lifeline so I could pick up the stitches and he wasn’t home yet, and knitted another two rounds on that before I realised that the resulting scarf was going to be (a) to heavy, and (b) too stiff to wrap around his neck. So I yanked that off the needle and frogged all seven inches of it back, too, and cast on for a single-thickness scarf instead. Which means that I’ll have to purl, and I haven’t purled in so long that I don’t remember how.

I didn’t sleep very well last night at all, so I think I’m taking today off as a sick day. I’m run down and achy and miserable, and on top of the gastro the fibro is acting up. I foresee a long, slow January fibro-wise, and a lot of being at home conserving what little energy I have.