Daily Archives: January 8, 2010


I feel so much better today than I have felt for the past four days. I spent the majority of yesterday on the couch watching a season’s worth of Slings & Arrows and not feeling guilty about it, which is testament to my state of illness. I didn’t even knit while I watched; I just lay there. When my work ethic doesn’t have the heart to lay a guilt trip on me, I know I’m really sick.

Today I’m going to do the text edit on the cello book and send it for approval, then set it all in the fonts Emily and I have chosen to see how it works. If that’s a go, then I can start resizing and placing photos and really playing with layout. (I love how I just toss off the text edit bit; in truth it will take all of today and possibly part of Monday, because it has to do with moving bits around and working out subheadings and things as well as line editing.)

I need to finish the laundry, and play the cello at some point today, too, as I have my first lesson of the year tomorrow morning.