It’s definitely gastro. Day four of no fun. I’m back on a liquid diet, as the pasta I tried last night made my system very unhappy. Apple juice and tea, hurrah. Beef broth for lunch.

I had to frog two inches of Mum’s scarf last night because I lost a stitch somewhere, and I couldn’t tink back clearly (stupid splitty thick and thin silk, who spun this yarn? … oh right, I did) so out came the circular needle and two inches of work were ripped out, because of course I hadn’t moved my lifeline recently. Grr.

And then I picked up the boy’s scarf to work on, because I needed HRH to hold Mum’s scarf by the lifeline so I could pick up the stitches and he wasn’t home yet, and knitted another two rounds on that before I realised that the resulting scarf was going to be (a) to heavy, and (b) too stiff to wrap around his neck. So I yanked that off the needle and frogged all seven inches of it back, too, and cast on for a single-thickness scarf instead. Which means that I’ll have to purl, and I haven’t purled in so long that I don’t remember how.

I didn’t sleep very well last night at all, so I think I’m taking today off as a sick day. I’m run down and achy and miserable, and on top of the gastro the fibro is acting up. I foresee a long, slow January fibro-wise, and a lot of being at home conserving what little energy I have.

3 thoughts on “Bah

  1. paze

    Being gastro-inclined myself, I can sympathize.

    Should you ever feel like getting out, if only to another sofa to stretch out on in different surroundings, feel free to come on over here. Bring your knitting, although Eliza will no doubt identify it (like everything else) as a new toy to play with. ;)

    Get well soon

  2. Ebren

    I’ve just had to pull out two almost complete sleeves because chemo brain meant that I didn’t count my stitches correctly, and I couldn’t use my circularly to insert as a temp lifeline to frog back. *sigh* Weeks of work gone in a few minutes of balling up the yarn. I feel your pain . . . .


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