Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

In Which She Rejoices And Admits A Puzzling Oversight

I just found 1.2 oz of yarn I’d spun for Devon’s wrap at the bottom of a box, all wound into a cake. I must have split the bigger of my two skeins into two balls, for a total of three balls, and when I got near the end of the second ball I must have remembered that I’d spun two skeins, so I thought I’d used up all my yarn.

I feel a wee bit like an idiot, but I’m so thrilled to have it that I’m not engaging in as much self-flagellation as I otherwise might.

I have yaaaaarn! I can finish the wrap!

(Yes, yes, I know I am ignoring the silk scarf, which ought to be finished first. Ssh. I will probably be responsible and finish the silk scarf anyway before powering through the final third of the wrap. Perhaps this will give me the added incentive to finish knitting it up. That is, if I stop making mistakes that requires frogging multiple inches at a time. *insert expression of irritation here*)