Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

First Finished Yarn of 2010

It’s a 36-yard sample, but still; finished yarn, yay!

Half-ounce of oatmeal BFL (which seems to be more of a grey-brown, really) spun as a single, semi-woolen draw on the 1:5.5 ratio, around 11 wpi after blooming. I expected it to be thicker than 11 wpi; it looked loftier on the bobbin, less so after skeining. I really did think I was spinning a thicker than heavy-worsted single, so I’ll be trying again. I must draft even less. The yarn is nice, soft, and bouncy, though, and certainly my best single so far in that it stays together. It was fun deliberately trying to shock it between hot and cold water while setting the twist, and agitating it to felt it ever so slightly so that it would be less likely to drift apart. It does vary a small bit between thick and thin, though; I’m not as consistent in the self-contained single department as I am in the thinner-single-to-be-plied department.

Why does damp BFL smell better than any other damp wool?