Daily Archives: December 18, 2007

Possibly Less Argh

And blessings be also upon the head of Rosy, who has talked me through a business problem. It’s nice when Accounting offers to call you to confirm that your cheque has been written and mailed out. I won’t get it before Christmas — not that it matters overmuch now, as it’s too late to use it for clearing the credit card in order to do the on-line shopping that needed to be done a week ago — but if all goes well I should at least have it in time for next month’s rent.

If there’s something I hate more than worrying about money, it’s worrying about money when both HRH and I are theoretically working — money I should already have, and don’t. It throws the budget way, way out of whack.


Blessings be upon the head of Jteethy, who not only shovelled my car out of the snowbank it ended up in, but pushed us out when we needed a boost. (“Jeff push the car! He make it go!” was the narration from the back seat.)

It’s been one of those days where no matter how you try to beat the argh, it keeps ganging up on you.

It was lovely to see Paze and Tallis too. It would have been nicer if Sparky had let us all be in the same room for at least ten minutes at a time.