Daily Archives: December 12, 2007

Status Report

Five chapters of edits handled so far, or one-third of the MS. I’d like this done today but it won’t be finished by the time I have to go collect the boy. And it looks like I’m not going to get to the hearthcraft book at all, but the edits on the YA book are more time-sensitive at this point, as I want to get it out by my self-imposed deadline of the end of the year.

No cheque in the mail today, but I didn’t really expect it. If they cut it last Friday afternoon it wouldn’t hit the system properly till Monday anyhow, which means the earliest it could realistically arrive is Thursday.

ETA at 14:57: Seven chapters down. Maybe it will be finished today after all.

On The Lack Of Common Courtesy

There are times when I really, really wish I could turn the ringer on my phone off completely. And I think people who don’t identify themselves when they say hello should be given a good hard smack. I just had someone who called the wrong number get mad at me for saying ‘obviously’ when he asked if he had the wrong number. The conversation went like this:

A: Hello?



A: Hello?



STRANGER: Do I have the wrong number?

A: Obviously.

STRANGER: [AGGRESSIVELY] Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sor-ry


Now, I’ve had many pleasant wrong number calls, calls where the person is very polite or warm and genuinely distressed because they’ve bothered me, and those callers I reassure and even wish them a good day. I am as polite to them as they are to me, or more so.

Nine times out of ten I know exactly who’s calling when they start talking if we’re acquainted, before they’ve identified themselves. That doesn’t mean the person on the other end of the phone should deny me the common courtesy of identifying themselves. I don’t care if you think the person you’re calling has call display or if they were expecting the call, you still say “It’s So-and-So” after your initial hello. All my friends do it; I do it. That’s also how I knew you had the wrong number. No one I know who calls me would ever be so discourteous.

So don’t get mad at me when your discourtesy earns you a short response, stranger. Especially when the wrong number was your error to begin with. You get what you give.

New Day

Today: bright sun, then snow, sun, snow. Just above the freezing mark, too. Beautiful.

Yesterday was A Very Bad Day, all of it happening after 3 PM. The burn on my left hand from a splash of hot oil caused by a can opener being thrown into a pan of frying ground beef seems to have been relatively neutralized by the lavender oil I put on it, but the right foot damaged by an overturned kitchen chair is causing me problems today. It was a two-year-old day. Enough said.

Today I had intended to print out a two hundred page document, but I have just realized that I have to go through it and accept all the damned edits I did in Track Changes first. So it has to be put off yet again, and it’s already been rescheduled over and over for the last two weeks for a variety of reasons. Grr. At least today I’ll get to switch back and forth between the hearthcraft book and this other document as I get stuck on one and need a break. And it will be nice to take a final look at the other document as well, as I’ve been second-guessing my edits on it. Rereading it will help refresh my memory and help me get in the right headspace for the associated cover letter, too.