Daily Archives: February 23, 2004


Did we forget to send a huge thanks out to everyone who showed up to toast HRH on Wednesday night? I think we did.

Damn, but it was good to see everyone again. Over the course of the evening we must have watched about thirty people come through the pub to say hi or sit down for a bite. Eventually we all gave up on sitting down and stood around with our drinks, and it was a lot more comfortable. Ceri reports hearing a couple of strangers making their way through our crowd muttering uncomplimentarily about how it felt like a house party. And what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know? Hurley’s is the traditional spot for gang birthday evenings, so of course by now it feels like we own the place when we get two dozen people in on a quiet night. The waitress knows us, and enjoys us; she’s also grateful for our patience. Most of us have worked in the service industry, and we know what it’s like to be the only person on the floor. She even gave HRH a drink on the house, complete with hailing him as the King.

Everyone got to catch up on who was doing what, which was grand. HRH was thrilled with his group gift of the Dremel (which is good, because now we all want to (a) borrow it, or (b) get him to make stuff for us), and even more touched by the amount of folks who stopped by. So thanks, everyone; you did wonders for his flagging spirits.

Is it Tuesday yet?

This has been a frustrating day.

It began when the power went out around midnight last night. Well, it didn’t go off, exactly; it fluctuated in various stages of brownout, setting all the sensitive electric sensors for emergency lights and alarms in the building off at irregular intervals.

By this morning, neither HRH or I had had really decent sleep, and the apartment was stone-cold once again. At various times through the night we had each arisen to unplug power bars and sensitive electronic devices in an effort to protect ourselves from frying expensive stuff. Of course the digital alarm clock wasn’t functioning, due to the lack of continuous power, so we sort of awoke later than we normally do. HRH had begun developing a nasty cold last night, and he was in no shape to squire our goddaugher off to daycare this morning, so I went instead. Of course, the single battery-powered clock we had in the house was half an hour fast, so I discovered on the way to pick her up that I had thirty minutes to kill. I did, with a doughnut and hot chocolate.

After dropping her and her dad off at various places, and having checked the prices on small filing cabinets, I returned home and discovered that the power had still not come back up to any level of useful application. Trusting my intuition, I booted up my laptop on battery power and found an urgent edit sitting in my inbox. This, paired with the book reviews due today, meant that I had to cancel my lunch date with MLG.

The edit’s done, and the book reviews are almost there too; I’ve done longhand work and now that the power is finally back on, I’ve been transferring them to the desktop computer. I took a break earlier to go pick up that parcel which I missed on Friday, only to discover that it hadn’t reached the post office yet.

Yes, it’s been frustrating.

On top of it all, my Owldaughter domain seems to have fallen between the cracks in accounting with my old web host. Skippy came over Friday night and we set up a new hosting space, but my domain still seems to be in limbo – technically still held by my old host, but not paid for (long story, which involves hosting as a gift from someone else whose payment info expired, requiring the substitution of my own info to renew service). I’ve been having problems extracting any sort of useful information from the support team for the last three months, in an attempt to avoid a snarl-up somewhat like this. My efforts have been in vain. (And yes, the lack of return communication was the key reason I chose to take my business elsewhere.) So this has resulted in more frustration.

Now, however, the sun has reached an angle to shine in through the back window, which means that spring is nearly here. I managed to finally get through to my doctor’s office, and as a result I not only have a renewal of my medication, but I also have an appointment to discuss these headaches and worrisome sensitivity to light with her next week.

Perhaps Monday has seemed worse than it actually is simply because it came right after a fantastic Sunday. The class I taught on Norse and Druidic methods of magic was great; the healing ritual I participated in was phenomenal; and on top of it all, I got to game last night too.

Today is just such a… Monday. You know?

Fnyeah. Perhaps Ginger‘s right; we should just declare all of February a holiday.