Daily Archives: February 9, 2004

Why Me?

We just picked up the photos.

One entire roll didn’t take; something went wrong with the camera. The other roll doesn’t have a single usable picture on it; they’re either too bright (resulting in blinding white skin, red eyes and fuschia lips), or underexposed.

My emotions can’t decide whether to let me be angry, or just cry.

I’ll make an appointment with a professional studio this week. I was trying to avoid this because I hate sitting for portraits. I was more comfortable with someone I know doing the shots. Professional pictures always turn out with me looking like I’m wooden, with a hideous plastic smile. The really horrible part about this is that the poses and shots on the film that came back were good; just over or underexposed.

I think the anger is definitely turning into a desire to just cry.

Quote of the Evening:

On the structure of a Haydn symphony:

Ceri: I get it! It’s four twelve-minute pieces of music, not one fifty-minute piece of music! And each separate piece builds on the last ones until it all gets to one end!

I love being with people when they figure something like this out. The excitement is catching. It was just what I needed on the drive home.

Edited to reflect a different emphasis Feb 9, 9:42 am. And that pesky word “not” was shifted as well.