Daily Archives: July 28, 2010

We Have Yarn

288 yards of lovely two-ply harvest-coloured yarn, in fact.

I plied the HAY single I spun at the Twistle Sheep to Shawl event with with a semi-woollen Corriedale single that I dyed a deep red colour. The tone of the original result was too cool so I overdyed it with yellow and got a good brick red that complements the lofty woollen-spun single I spun from the yellow/orange/red of the HAY batts.

Stats for my records:

* 3.5 oz HAY batts
* about 2.5 oz Corriedale (I spun about 4 oz, used about two-thirds)
* Total weight of yarn: 5.95 oz
* Total yardage: 288 yards
* WPI: approximately 10 wraps per inch (worsted weight)

Original HAY batts plus Corriedale single:

Pretty, squishy yarn: