Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

Photo Post

You haven’t had pictures in a while, have you. Poor things. And it’s not like I have the focus or attention to write a thought-provoking post about oh, anything these days. So!

The boy plays Rock Band (we have discovered that the original Rock Band on the Wii does not have a no-fail setting, alas, so there is lots of saving by whoever is playing with the boy):

SpinKnit&Life’s Baby Silks batts on the bobbin (just over halfway through spinning this up, and it’s just lovely to work with):

Yarn I spun for Jan! The multi-coloured skein in the middle was Icelandic fibre dyed by someone else, but the plum skeins are local mohair/wool fibre I spun then dyed myself in the slow cooker, and let me tell you, I’m so glad I scribbled the on-the-fly dye blend down for future use:

It took a while, but the boy finally managed to carefully balance his soot sprites on Gryffindor’s back:

After which Gryffindor lost patience, knocked them all down, and tried to eat them: