Daily Archives: July 12, 2010

Brief Weekend Roundup & The Birthday Monday Activity Log

I am really, really tired of househunting. HRH spoke with one of the daycare dads last week who is a real estate agent, and when he complained about how quickly houses were selling — literally in less than 24 hours between the listing going up and agents calling for clients to see it — the dad nodded and said, “What’s happening is people are buying up houses in batches unseen, painting and doing slight renos required or uplifts like lighting, and reselling them at a profit.” HRH expressed his frustration at this, because it really screws families who are actually looking for houses to live in, and the agent agreed. He said it irritates real estate agents, too. He asked how many houses we’d viewed and when HRH said about thirty, he nodded again and said, “Yeah, that’s about the average these days.” So it’s nice to know we’re not just having an atypically horrible experience, but still incredibly frustrating to know that we’re being stymied by people who are just in it for the money.

Somewhat related: The house we saw yesterday was tiny but sweet, well-located in regards to amenities and school but the general neighbourhood was a bit more working-class than others we’d seen. And it had the most adorable cat, who was about six months old. She was mostly grey with small splotches of blondish red on her sides and white legs, and was very affectionate. She and the boy played all over the house while we viewed it. And we have come to the conclusion that we will never find a house with three bedrooms on the same level, because for some reason ninety percent of the houses we’ve seen have only two on one level and the additional room or rooms somewhere else. It’s very odd.

I spent an hour last night working through the Gigue of the first Bach solo cello suite with the bow, and the Prelude of the second suite in pizz. I used the heavy practice mute, and even so when HRH and the boy came upstairs the boy ran up to me and said I was so loud he could hear me even in the garage and the noise could really get on people’s nerves. HRH pounced on him verbally and the boy had a severe talking-to about speaking without considering how you’re phrasing something, and the difference between practising something to get better and just making random annoying noise, but even after we both had a go at it he didn’t understand. It was one of those parenting days where you’re certain nothing you have ever taught your child has sunk in, never. And way to go, kid, hitting me in the most sensitive hang-up I have about playing the cello.

Saturday night we had a double-header game of Settlers of Catan with the upstairs neighbours. Everyone pitched in with various alcohol and nibbly things, and it was a really awesome evening.

In good news, I discovered today while paying bills that I only have $21.05 left on my student loan. As of the end of the month I shall be free of it. While I should like to revel in having a few extra dollars a month, I shall be a sad and disciplined Responsible Adult and just program the equivalent monthly automatic payment to my credit line. Actually, it ought to go to my Visa, which has the higher interest rate.

Today, I:

– baked bread
– baked a birthday cake for myself
– paid bills
– finished my freelance assignment
– handled the post-weekend and daily correspondence

That looks kind of short. Hmm. Plans to go to the bank and the post office were rescheduled to tomorrow morning, because when I checked the thermometer outside it said that it was 37 degrees in the shade. If I don’t have to go out into the mid-afternoon heat, why would I?

And best of all, my lovely editor with the publishing company I worked with for a few years pinged me regarding a dearth of copy editors in the company. She’d told the copy chief about my super-clean manuscripts and the beginnings of my search for a more regular copy editing position. The chief thought I sounded marvellous and told her to send me her contact info so we could get started right away. I wrote her a “hi here I am you asked for me to contact you I’m looking forward to talking to you” message and am now waiting for a reply. Seriously, a regular book copy editing gig with a publisher would be the best birthday present ever. My editor rocks.

I’ve spun up four ounces of the Luscious Ditty batts in the Baby Silks colourway from Spin Knit & Life, and am about to resume filling the second bobbin with the other half of the batts. I’m using a modified longdraw for it and enjoying it very much. It draws beautifully, and spins up equally nicely. I think it’s going to make a gorgeous two-ply light sport weight yarn.