Daily Archives: July 8, 2010

The Week’s Work So Far

For the past day I’ve been sorting through all the files on my 300 GB external hard drive. I’m prepping it for reformatting to serve as my Time Capsule backup destination disk, so I can set my Mac to initially back up completely then incrementally upon changes. I actually have all those files on my Mac (most of them more current) which is why I only backed up about half of the external music and documents to data DVDs. My external hard drive stuff is about four months out of date, but it’s better to have slightly out of date stuff than no stuff at all. And in fact I am doing this with the intention of being redundant, because I plan to back up the current documents on my Mac to data DVD as well. I added my newer music to the fourth music backup data DVD already.

And I have just realised that I have to back up all HRH’s stuff as well, since we put it on here when he switched computers two years ago. And he has about 10GB worth of files I have to sort out and put on two data DVDs before I can reformat the drive. Sigh.

So far this week, I have:

– done an entire manuscript review and handed it in (there was a bad moment where I thought I had a day less than I did, because I’d typed the wrong due date into my agenda; the day-later deadline was very welcome after the not-much-done day of Monday, when the boy was home)
– got the approval for it and closed the file
– sorted through all 300GB of my external hard drive
– backed up about half of my music to data DVDs (I didn’t bother with the stuff I own on CD)
– backed up the important documents to data DVDs (about half)
– baked foccaccia for lunches
– baked a loaf of bread
– did laundry
– reworked the first five pages of Orchestrated
– wrote about 800 words longhand on the Victorian supernatural story
– had the boy home on Monday, ran errands, went to the library

Now because the heat has finally gotten to me and I can’t focus at the computer any more, I am going to go spin for a while.