Daily Archives: October 18, 2007

Not As Bad As All That

Lovely words to read when you open your e-mail client first thing in the morning: ‘Thanks for turning in a flawless proposal as always’. And she likes the new direction! It’s going right to the publishing board in two weeks, with no revisions.

*pats self on the back*

They’re doing the photo shoot for the cover of the pregnancy book today, too. I’m very excited to see the mock-ups for it when they eventually get to me.

I had to turn the heater on in my office when I got home from dropping the boy off at the caregiver’s house. Nights are flirting dangerously with the zero mark.

Orchestra last night was not the train wreck I expected it to be. Somewhere along the line I got good at this cello thing. Practising twice this past week may have helped too. (Wonders may never cease.) There’s lots of nice singing cello lines and only a few really tricky technical bits this time around. Or maybe I just think that because I did get better somehow. Whatever the reason, I’m not feeling over my head for once. Actually, I haven’t felt like that for a while, have I. Hmm.

I signed up for eMusic.com yesterday, following Curtana‘s lead. eMusic is full of great classical stuff, and I’m very happy with it so far. It’s already been invaluable: I downloaded a movement of the Weber clarinet concerto we’re playing with a young soloist at the upcoming concert, and said, “Oh, so that’s what we’re playing — I’ve heard that.” We’d tried to play it last week and it was such a mess that I couldn’t grab on to what the musical line was to identify it. It’s always harder to do it when you’re only hearing the accompaniment, because what’s missing is the melody itself. We really nailed the parts we played last night, though; proof that people practised, and also testament to the conductor’s clever choice of specific bits to practise instead of starting at the beginning.

I’m currently reading Stephanie Judy’s Making Music for the Joy of It, and I think it’s one of the reasons why I feel like practising more. Written for amateur musicians, it explores the drive to play music and the obstacles encountered (external and internal). It’s easy to read and it’s thought-provoking, too.

On today’s list of things to do: keep revising the complete YA book for submission. Also, taking Tylenol for the cold-associated headache. That would help.