Daily Archives: October 13, 2007


Last night, the turtles ate grilled cheese sandwiches from the magic treasure chest in the bath.

Night One in the big boy bed went excellently well — no escapes, and no waking in confusion or fear. In fact, this morning I heard him get up and try his door handle but he didn’t open it; he went back to bed instead. He may have played there quite happily for a while but I made the early morning not-thinking mistake of checking on him in case he’d needed to get out for the bathroom or something, so I’ll restrain myself tomorrow and see how long he stays in his room then. He’s just gone down for today’s nap, and despite a few tears of protest when we put him down he didn’t get up. He was asleep within five minutes. I’d say the bed is going well. He asked HRH to put the blanket tent up as we were leaving him last night, so HRH spread it over the bed lengthwise. Sure enough, Liam slept right underneath it, lengthwise instead of across the bed as he did in the crib when the tent was over the bottom third of the crib. The blanket is bright red and clashes with the rest of the room, and as it’s looking more like a fixture I may hem the sea turtle material that Ceri bought for us not long after Liam was born, and use it for the tent instead.

We went out to run errands this morning. I’m going to the wedding of a dear friend this afternoon and decided I wanted to wear a red sweater. As I don’t own one, I found one while we were out. And in so doing, I experienced today’s The Universe Is Watching You moment: in the changing room next to me I ran into Silly Imp, who is performing this afternoon’s ceremony, trying on a skirt suit for the wedding. We were highly amused. We may have confused the salesgirl, though.

Then I proceeded to forget to buy the black stockings I need, just as I have done every time I’ve meant to buy new black stockings for the past two years.

Thanks again to everyone who’s thinking good thoughts about HRH’s job application; he says that the only way the interview could have gone better is if they’d pushed a contract and a pen across the table to him at the end of the meeting. He’s sending them references, and they’ll let him know by Tuesday.