Daily Archives: October 16, 2007

Official Announcement

Dear readers:

Thank you all for your prayers, candles, crossed fingers, good vibes, and secret midnight voodoo rituals. Tomorrow morning, HRH will be beginning his new career as a visual arts tech at Champlain College.

You have no idea how touched we have been by your enthusiastic support. We are deeply grateful to you all. (And particularly grateful to those of you who were consulted as references — we have no idea who precisely was called from the list HRH provided — because your effusive support blew HR away.)

It came down to the wire yesterday afternoon when HR requested that he obtain transcripts from both his colleges to verify his education in order to enable the formal offer of employment, which was heart-stopping as his Ontario college will only do it in person or via website (which takes 4 weeks!). HRH was prepared to get in the car and drive to Mississauga to get the damned transcript in person and drive back with it, but they accepted scans of two diplomas instead and will wait for the official transcripts to arrive by mail.

This appears permanent; the original tech he’s replacing this semester may come back for a short period in the winter semester, but she and the administration are essentially trying to complete her retirement. And yes, the salary is excellent and there are benefits, for which we are very grateful, and we are looking forward to learning more. Ped days! Summer semester off! Who knows what other exciting things are tied into the deal?

Again, thank you. Those of you close to us know what a long, demoralizing haul it’s been as he’s tried again and again to find a place that can pay him a good salary and maintain a permanent contract of some kind. A special thanks go out to Silly Imp and her man for alerting HRH to the posting in the first place, and for giving us encouraging inside info on the future of the position over the past week.

And a lovely side benefit of all this? I get the car full time, as he’ll be taking public transport to work! Hurrah!

And Another Felicitous Commemorative Natal Day!

Fate, when she drew the line connecting the two points known as Tass and Jan, snickered a lot about the birthday thing, I am certain.

Happiest of birthdays to Jan, who demonstrates that you can too change a career in a radical fashion, and redesign your life while you’re at it, and make it work. Not that it’s easy, oh no; but she shows us all that with work and determination, you can get your life on a path rather more resembling what you want it to be. Sensible, creative, decisive, aware, active (in so many ways!): Jan teaches me that putting your mind to something creates change.

May your coming years be ever more fruitful and rewarding, relaxing (yes, you get that wish too), and fulfilling. And I look forward to sharing in them.