Daily Archives: October 3, 2007

behold, I am blanking on clever and/or descriptive titles

The alien child masquerading as Liam was replaced by the original model in the late afternoon yesterday, and all is all manner of well again. Thank you all for your sympathy. It was more bewildering than anything else: if the Terrible Twos fairy had visited, one would think sie would have bestowed a single fairy-gift rather than dumped the whole bag on top of the poor kid. All those actions are things he never does, so for him to do it all in the space of a few hours… wow. It was a rough day for him for some unfathomable reason. He woke from a nightmare around ten-thirty in tears, sobbing something about “Mama gone no say bye-bye”, so I cuddled him and told him I wasn’t leaving, we read a book together quietly, and he slipped back into bed cuddling his huge Thomas pillow as a treat. At least it wasn’t the “car coming, no stop, Dada gone” nightmare he had a couple of weeks ago while HRH was out gaming.

In other news, there is a crumb of cold comfort for those who are horrified by the massacred The Dark Is Rising film:

First it was The Dark Is Rising. Then The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. Now it’s simply The Seeker.

Good thing, too. Maybe now people unfamiliar with the book won’t get the wrong idea altogether, or associate the film with the novel at all. We can hope.

Today I go back to researching and drafting that new proposal based on the original one from 2006. The book has changed so much in my brain that the original proposal seems almost cartoonish. Then this afternoon I’ll be doing a ruthless editing pass on one of my early YA books, because why on earth am I letting it sit on my hard drive when it’s finished and has gone through one serious edit already? I’ve got agents bookmarked to query, and I wanted it out making the rounds by the end of last year (of course, this was before I was contracted to write the pregnancy book, but still). This way, the Vivaldi novel becomes my enjoyable escape-from-work writing. You see? A fiendishly clever way to outwit the inner critic!

And… a proposal to co-teach an intensive workshop on designing ritual has just landed in my in-box! I am absolutely fascinated by the idea and am excited at the notion of co-teaching with this individual. Something to seriously consider. We’ll see if we can work something out.