Daily Archives: July 24, 2007

Not Normal

So just when I think I’m ahead on this work thing, an emergency arises on the project I worked on last spring. Guess what I’m doing for the next eighteen hours? Good thing I’m well along on the other project and it’s only due next Tuesday. Also good that I got a lot of sleep last night. Not as good: the fact that I have been downing Excedrin Extra Strength With Codeine for a persistent headache.

But that is not why I am posting! I am posting to share this:

SPARKY: Bye bye, Leo eating cricket bugs!

[Leo is a leopard-patterned fat-tail gecko who lives with the caregiver. He dines upon crickets. The boy says goodbye to him every day before he leaves.]

HRH: Um. How many words was that?

CAREGIVER: [counts] Six.

[There is a pause.]

CAREGIVER: He’s not normal. I love him, but he is not normal.

Is Alive

Happiest of birthdays to Kino Kid and to Scarlet!

I’m not dead; I’ve just been working a lot. And reading a surprising amount, actually (two books this weekend apart from That Book, although I have no clue how that happened… I think I somehow bent time). And there has been a very welcome amount of sleep as well. And making of lasagna, and a chocolate layer cake, and the like.

As you were.